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Leka Chester

Here at Pure Conservatories we install the Leka warm roof system to the work we carry out including for Chester conservatories.

Leka is a conservatory roof replacement system that allow you to replace your existing glazed roof with a solid warm roof complete with an exterior tiled finish and internally plastered ceiling and people from all over Chester are now able to get much better benefit from the use of the space that they “invested” in when they bought a conservatory.

This enables you to turn your conservatory into a space within your home which is usable all year round and not just a waste of money which you can only use when the sun is not too bright or temperature too cold.

Here’s an overview of the Leka warm roof system:


Here are some facts about the Leka system:

  • It is much lighter than competitor similar products which can weight up to 40% more than a Leka system
  • It is made from GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) which does not face the same sort of risks as aluminium structures
  • Unlike wooden structures GRP is not susceptible to woodworm or rot
  • Can be built directly onto your existing frame
  • The Leka system sheets are one third the weight of plasterboard
  • The roof is fully insulated
  • The Leka roof is strong and durable
  • The lifespan is much better than aluminium competitive products
  • Roof spotlights can be installed the replace the loss of incoming light

We have installed many conservatories in Chester, Liverpool and the surrounding areas, and our team are all time served and fully qualified and insured so you can have the peace of mind that we our workmanship will be perfect and we work diligently and cause the minimum disruption as possible during out time in your home.